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Komps KS100 Soldering Set

Precise temperature control

Never worry about overheating sensitive components again. Just set your required temperature on the soldering iron display and You are good to go.

Efficient heating

The ceramic heating element is positioned close to the tip, directing the heat energy exactly where it is needed. For any given input power level, more heat reaches the workpiece and less is lost to surrounding air, and those ground planes will not be a problem any more.

Safe power supply

No need to worry about line transients or discharge currents from the mains reaching the sensitive components on the workpiece. The power supply is completely separated from the mains line.

Long-lasting power bank

You will be able to use the efficient soldering iron for a while with one charge of the power bank. Real life tests have shown that a 5h soldering marathon can use only ~40% of its capacity.

Convenient silicone cable

The flexible and heat-resistant silicone rubber cable will disturb You less, allowing for a more stable grip while working on those SMD components.

Time-saving portability

Moving the soldering set instead of the work piece is so easy that You will find yourself doing it more. Instead of disassembling a control box in an automated production line, save time and take the soldering set with You to the control box.

Save desk space

Save room on your work desk by storing the soldering set in its case on a shelf or in a drawer while not in use.

Less cable management

No need to worry about mains cables tangling and being in your way any more. After charging the power bank, the only cable You will need is the silicone DC power cable between the power bank and the soldering iron.

Wow factor

You will look (even more) like a tech-wizard to your friends and co-workers when You arrive and open your Komps soldering set.